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Gardner Services in Delhi

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Hire Mali / Gardener in New Delhi / Delhi NCR. We are one of the best Gardner Services in Delhi. We offer regular monthly maintenance services as well as a half-day plan for your garden needs. All registered Gardeners are well-experienced and perform gardening services at reasonable rates.


Gardner Services in Delhi
Gardner Services in Delhi


Balaji Nursery Landscape Services

The Challenge today in the real world is to differentiate between good living And healthy living. We at Rent a Gardener aspire to create a better healthy living environment by using non-toxic and organic plant foods and pest control mechanisms to make a better living place. Even simply placing the right signages and warnings while doing regular maintenance work is very important for us to control the spreading of chemical residues. We believe in creating awareness and following principles of garden maintenance with the lowest possible health impact on human beings

Balaji Nursery Landscape Services:

Deploying our IPM (Integrated pest management) & go-organic programs will not only make your living healthy and sustainable but will also help in saving money.

Balaji Nursery landscape program for commercial properties is headed by a qualified horticulturist. To ensure timely delivery of products and services we provide a yearly plan and schedule before we start the work. We take care of all.

  • Lawn mowing
  • Pruning
  • Pest control (not termite)
  • Manuring and fertilizing
  • Providing seasonal flowering plants

Landscape maintenance is not about keeping the landscape green but to make it sustainable, reducing the impact on the environment. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program reduces the use of pesticides and fertilizer over a period of time thus reducing the impact on the environment. We carefully assess the existing conditions including soil and water quality to create a long-term maintenance program.

Farm Maintenance

To continue to provide a uniquely creative environment for our customers our dedicated team of gardeners will not only do the upkeep of the green area but will also help achieve the true objective of having a “farmhouse”.

The services will include :

  • Organic vegetable garden
  • Fruit orchard plantation
  • Help in growing a herb garden
  • Achieving a year-round flower garden

Home Maintenance

The Gardner Services in Delhi  include the following :

  • Services of a gardener to take care and improve the upkeep of your garden
  • Monthly audit by the manager to update on the improvement made by our “green team”
  • Access to our discount garden store where one can buy plants, flowers, seedlings, and garden accessories at a much lower rate than the market
  • An advance garden maintenance plan to better track the services that are being provided
  • One number customer service call to address any queries
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