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A Personalised Lawn Care Plan

Online Lawn Care Service

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your lawn will need the care of a turf-grass professional.

We offer a good value Lawn Consultancy Service, advising you on how to care for your lawn, fix problems and get the results you want. I offer this service remotely, via email and telephone, and can easily diagnose problems and create a care plan for you based on a little conversation and a few good photos.

We then offer support throughout the year to help you combat your lawn care problems or advice on improvements – all for 1 low-cost price.

This is an innovative and effective new way of providing lawn care, saving you a fortune over a year on lawn care fees, and furnishing you with a great lawn at the end of the contract.

Our  Remote Lawn Care service includes all of this:

  • A fertilising and supplement programme for 1 year, tailored to the exact conditions of your lawn
  • A maintenance programme for 1 year, including mowing, aeration and other techniques as required by your particular lawn
  • Information on how to kill any disease your lawn currently has
  • Advice on how to remove the weeds afflicting your lawn
  • 1 year of telephone and email support – my 35 years of grass care experience targetted at the exact problems that you’re having.


Common Problems That This Service is Ideal For

I have extensive experience with grass and lawn care in all parts of the world and offer solutions for a variety of lawn and grass based problems.

  • Do you have disease or weeds in your lawn that you can’t shift?
  • Are you not sure what type of grass you have and how to care for it?
  • Do you want advice on how best to mow your lawn?

Whatever you’re needing help with, I’m happy to assist. I can offer a fully remote lawn care service service which simply involves you sending me information on the current state of your lawn, your current equipment and a few photos of the grass itself, including layout and condition.

Buy today and get started on your lawn care plan right away. After purchase We’ll be in touch with instructions on the information I need to supply the lawn service and on how you can get it to me.

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