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8 Kid-safe Plants to Grow this Year

8 Kid-safe Plants to Grow this Year

8 Kid-safe Plants to Grow this Year

For those who love gardening, it’s natural to want to add any and all plants you come across to your collection. But when you live in a home with children and dogs, it’s important to make sure the entire garden is safe for them. Why? Simply put, certain plants are extremely poisonous if consumed, and others are just unpleasant to the touch.

Does this limit your selection when you have to buy kid-safe plants? You could be right, but that’s not necessarily the case! If you want to make a garden that everyone can enjoy, including your children and pets, there are a lot of plant selections to consider.

This year, cultivate one of these eight kid-friendly plants.

1. Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus
Schlumbergera, or the Christmas Cactus, is a winter flowering plant that many people bring out for the holidays because of its colorful, tuberous blossoms. This makes for a completely kid-safe addition to your garden plants, despite it being a cactus.
It is an epiphytic cactus native to Brazil that requires soil with good drainage and indirect sunlight to flourish. Its flattened and somewhat pointed stems give it a very unusual look. With careful maintenance, it may be a festive and long-lasting addition to holiday decorations.

2. Peperomia plants

Peperomia Plants

Peperomia is a varied genus of easy-to-care-for, tiny houseplants with thick, succulent-like leaves. The leaves can have a really shiny aspect, which makes them quite lovely complements to your garden plants.

They are designated as kid-safe plants due to their non-toxic nature, and therefore the Peperomia plants are pet-friendly as well. Their tiny size, enticing textures, and low upkeep make them perfect for homes with children and dogs, offering a touch of greenery without presenting any harm if accidentally swallowed.

3. Spider Plants

Spider Plants

Spider plants, also named Chlorophytum comosum, are popular, durable houseplants renowned for their arching, spikey leaves and spiderettes (small plant growths that can be utilized for multiplication).

As kid-safe plants, these are non-toxic and pet-friendly, making them a fantastic choice for houses with children and animals. These low-maintenance plants thrive in indirect light and well-draining soil, creating a safe and dynamic indoor environment for families with curious youngsters.

4. Prayer Plant

8 Kid-safe Plants to Grow this Year

Often named the prayer plant because of the form and movement of its leaves, the Calathea prayer plant makes for a fantastic addition to your garden plants. Also named Maranta leuconeura, these are attractive indoor plants that have wonderfully patterned leaves that fold up at night, mimicking hands in prayer.

These are kid-safe plants with their non-toxic and pet-friendly nature, making them a perfect choice when you are child-proofing your gardens. As low-maintenance plants, prayer plants flourish in indirect light and damp conditions.

5. Boston Compacta Fern

Boston Compacta Fern

The Boston Compacta Fern is a beautiful, compact houseplant with fluffy, arching leaves. As a kid-safe plant, it’s non-toxic and another fantastic choice for houses with children and dogs.

The plant maintenance for this is quite basic, and this fern thrives in indirect sun and continuously wet soil. Its rich foliage gives a touch of greenery to indoor environments, increasing safety and beauty.

6. Fittonia Plants

8 Kid-safe Plants to Grow this Year

Fittonia, or nerve plants, are attractive houseplants with vivid, veined leaves. These are also kid-safe plants, as they are neither poisonous nor detrimental in any other manner.

These low-maintenance plants thrive in indirect sun and dependably wet soil. With their vivid colors and small size, Fittonias give a touch of nature to inside areas while ensuring a safe environment for children and dogs.

7. Hoya Succulents

Hoya Succulents

Hoya succulents, famed for their waxy, star-shaped blooms, are beautiful and kid-safe plants. Non-toxic and pet-friendly, Hoya plants are also low-maintenance.

They thrive in bright, indirect light and well-draining soil. Their durable nature and fascinating beauty make them a safe and visually pleasant addition to indoor environments for families.
As indoor plants growing behind walls, these succulents have adapted very well to seasonal variations like droughts, too.

8. Haworthia coarctata

8 Kid-safe Plants to Grow this Year

Haworthia coarctata is a fantastic indoor, kid-safe plant. With its thin, pointed leaves that grow vertically and feature zebra-like stripes, this plant doesn’t grow too huge, which also makes it a perfect present choice or even simply a gorgeous addition to your garden plants.

It’s resilient and low-maintenance; it’s non-toxic and great for households with kids and pets. It thrives in bright, indirect light and well-draining soil.


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