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9 outdoor plants with unbeatable survival skills

9 outdoor plants with unbeatable survival skills

9 outdoor plants with unbeatable survival skills

Learn the secret to making your garden healthier, more beautiful, and longer-lasting with these hard-to-kill outdoor plants.

Growing a beautiful garden takes a lot of commitment, both time- and money-wise, and not having the correct sort of plants in your garden will likely make you lose these investments entirely. If you’re a lover of having a sparkling, vibrant, and green garden all year long and don’t want to bother about continually watering or caring for your plants, here are 10 impossible-to-kill outdoor plants you’ll want to have. When we claim they’ll make your gardening life simpler, we truly mean it.

Check them out to plan which one you will be adding next to your landscape.

9 impossible-to-kill outdoor plants

Get prepared to be utterly astonished and learn about numerous plant and flower kinds you never knew were impossible-to-kill outdoor plants. There are actually so many lovely plants out there, but these 10 impossible-to-kill outdoor plants are quite distinctive and intriguing and are always prone to offering plenty of life, green, color, and a better atmosphere to your garden, as described by professional plant pros and enthusiasts.

1. Ajuga (Bugleweed)


Ajuga (Bugleweed)
Ajuga (Bugleweed)


If you believe your garden has lots of gloomy regions, this impossible-to-kill plant is one you’ll want to include in your backyard. The Ajuga plant is a vigorous perennial that’ll swiftly overtake all the shaded or partially gloomy places in your garden with a magnificent color palette encompassing light and dark greens, as well as a bit of brown here and there. This impossible-to-kill outdoor plant grows just around 6 inches tall and is regarded as one of the most maintenance-free plants of all time. Ajuga can offer numerous types with either green, purple, or brownish leaves. There are new Ajuga types available, which you can read more about here: Ajuga Feathered Friends Make a Colossal Entrance on the European Market.

2. Caladium




Another one that makes it to the top 10 impossible-to-kill outdoor plants is the Caladium type. Big, incredibly unusual, and attractive leaves will give your garden the tropical feelings you’ve been actively yearning for. Caladium boasts multicolored patterns that change from leaf to leaf and beautiful foliage with vibrant patterns. This remarkable plant is regarded as an impossible-to-kill outdoor plant because of its leaf’s resilience and lengthy durability in any weather condition. Whether it be sun or rain, Caladium is one of the plant professionals’ favorite impossible-to-kill outdoor plants.

3. Persian Shield (Strobilanthes Dyerianus)


Persian Shield
Persian Shield


The most ever-proof plant: whether planted in the sun, in wet weather, in a garden bed or a container, or two opposing corners of the world, the Persian Shield plant is absolutely an impossible-to-kill plant and one of many’s favorites. Topping roughly 3 feet tall, this charmer’s foliage is an excellent complement for purple flowers but also looks nice with most hues of blue, pink, and white. This impossible-to-kill outdoor plant will truly have you mesmerized with its form and unusually contrasting purple-colored foliage. If you want to create the most unusual garden, consider adding orange or yellow plants to contrast with the Persian Shield plant.

4. Hosta “First Frost” (Plantain Lily)


Plantain Lily
Plantain Lily


If you’re currently coping with a mixed backyard that receives both shade and light, the Hosta “First Frost” is yet another impossible-to-kill outdoor plant you’ll want to put in your garden. Growing to around 16 inches tall and 30 inches wide, planting a big group of this cultivar can help fill the area in a low-light garden. Time to get First Frosta Hosta in your backyard!

5. Agave attenuata


9 outdoor plants with unbeatable survival skills
Agave attenuata


It makes it to the list of the 10 impossible-to-kill outdoor plants, and plant enthusiasts are major admirers of this one! If your garden happens to be placed in a sunny and dry region, it’s ideal to pick plants that have drought-prone features to see them completely develop and live. The Agave plant is a low-water succulent that’ll make a green statement wherever it goes. Although there are quite a few Agave kinds, be sure to seek one that has two-toned leaves with distinguishing colorings, such as those with yellow borders and deep green cores. This impossible-to-kill outdoor plant will surely add green charm to your yard.

6. Desert Rose (Adenium obesum)



9 outdoor plants with unbeatable survival skills
Adenium obesum


Spicy red petals coupled with long, magnificent green stems are what make the Desert Rose a jewel to have in your garden. Not only that, but it’s one of the most popular, impossible-to-kill outdoor plants among gardeners and plant specialists. The best part? The Desert Rose appears like a bonsai with a thick, squat trunk and magnificent flamboyant flowers. since its trunk holds water, you don’t have to water it even during drought. It wins a position in the top 10 impossible-to-kill outdoor plants!

7. Sedum rubrotinctum Aurora

9 outdoor plants with unbeatable survival skills
Sedum rubrotinctum Aurora


Even on the sunniest and hottest days of summer, this low-maintenance plant rarely has to be watered. And because there is a seemingly unlimited variety of sedum available, ranging from low-growing groundcovers to erect bloomers, the ideal plant to pair with sedum is, well, a dosage of a little more sedum. To plant this impossible-to-kill outdoor plant in a fresh garden or backyard, be sure to set it over loose soil, water well to start, and enjoy watching it develop.

8. Armeria


9 outdoor plants with unbeatable survival skills


This robust, impossible-to-kill outdoor plant can tolerate not just sandy soil but also splashes of salt spray and not-so-gentle beach winds. Plant aficionados might describe this plant as pretty. small perennial that has tufts of grassy leaves and globe-shaped blooms in hues of red, pink, and white. What makes it even more remarkable is its size, measuring around 6 to 10 inches tall. this ground-hugging plant seems to duck below the wind in gusty locations. A highly impossible-to-kill outdoor plant!

9. Purple Rain (Salvia verticillata)


9 outdoor plants with unbeatable survival skills
Salvia verticillate


Lilac sage, called Purple Rain, is ready to bring stunning purple color to your garden and, most importantly, save you time and effort since it is an easy-to-care-for and impossible-to-kill outdoor plant. makes the pairing process very easy. The flexibility of its purple hue thankfully fits well with practically any other color in gardens.

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