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5 Causes For Your Plant’s Yellow Leaves

5 Causes For Your Plant’s Yellow Leaves

What causes the yellowing of leaves?

The cause of a plant’s yellowing leaves might vary from one variety to another and from one set of symptoms to another. There are a lot of potential causes, such as excessive or insufficient irrigation, nutrient deficiencies, temperature stress, and so on. To find out what’s wrong and how to fix it, you need to know what symptoms your plant is exhibiting.

Restoring healthy, glowing leaves

Following this, we will discuss the method for eliminating yellowing leaves by first recognizing the signs that the plant is exhibiting, which can assist in determining the root reason.

Yellow, curled, and drooping leaves

Your plant is probably under-watered if you see curled, yellow leaves and the soil seems dry. Older leaves may also be coming off. To solve this, the solution is to water your plant.

Dying Yellow Leaves That Turn a Vibrant Shade of Green

Are the leaves turning brilliant yellow, and is the soil wet? You could even observe blackened stem bases or fungus gnats. This is an indication of overwatering. You may rectify this by letting the soil dry out or repotting the plant in dry soil.

Irregular yellow spots or leaf deformities

Irregular yellowing with probable leaf abnormalities is generally caused either by a bug or a mineral shortage. If no pests are apparent, then this is likely caused by a mineral deficit, mainly calcium or boron. The remedy is to fertilize once a month or repot your plant to supply fresh potting soil. Fresh potting soil includes new nutrients.

5 Causes For Your Plant’s Yellow Leaves

Whole Plant Yellowing (May or May Not Drop Leaves)

Most likely a temperature issue—it’s either too cold or too hot for your plant where it is put. This will likely be a more light yellow or yellowish yellow. Temperature will flow about the plant too much or will be noticeable, like a radiator or a draft. It might potentially be a fertilizer issue. If no obvious temperature factors are evident and the soil appears normal, try a little fertilizer.

Whole Plant Semi-Yellowing (Without Leaf Drop)

A “general malaise” of a plant becoming yellow signifies that it’s either pot-bound—the roots have little place to expand—or your plant is in the early stages of a nutrient deficit. The remedy is to repot it in a bigger pot or try a little fertilizer.

Only mature leaves are turning yellow

As plants develop and thrive, older leaves might age out, start to yellow, and finally fall from your plant. This is normal leaf shedding. If your plant seems happy and healthy otherwise and only older, mature leaves are browning and falling, there is no reason to panic!

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