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5 plants to help keep your home naturally cool in summer

5 plants to help keep your home naturally cool in summer

Keep Your Home Cool All Summer Long with These 5 Houseplants If you’re someone who’s always trying to figure out what they can do to reduce their impact on the environment and the threat of climate change, then this post is for you.

We will discuss the financial advantages of filling your adobe with plants today, but you will always find articles claiming that plants improve the look of your home and purify the air within.

Living in an environment with many plants can significantly reduce the temperature there. They are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to battle heat waves, and with careful planning, they can even take the place of air conditioning.

You should be planning a plant-to-plant arrangement if you want to significantly reduce the temperature inside your home, as plants improve the humidity in their immediate vicinity by forming their own little ecosystem in the air.However, you may ask how exactly that takes place.

Here, we’ll try to explain how.In hot weather, houseplants help keep indoor temperatures down by drawing heat from the air and using it for their own purposes. Another way they do this is by increasing the relative humidity in the air, which some believe helps keep things cooler.

The University of Vermont Extension reports that plants can lower air temperatures by up to 10 degrees through transpiration, the process by which they release water into the air.

As you are now familiar with how plants will lower the temperature and AC expenses, let us walk you through 7 plants that can help you beat the heat wave in summer. Here are the top 5 houseplants to keep your house cool without AC:

1. Aloe Vera


5 plants to help keep your home naturally cool in summer
Aloe Vera


This plant of immortality is very widely recognized, as you can find an aloe vera potted in practically every Indian household. Along with having various medical properties, this plant is recognized for eliminating toxins from the air and keeping heat and oxygen levels in line.

This flexible plant is a sure-shot winner when you want to build a place that stays naturally cooler with the help of plants.

2. Baby Rubber Plant


5 plants to help keep your home naturally cool in summer
Baby Rubber Plant


Rubber plants not only absorb CO2 from the environment but also deliver a lot of health benefits at home. This plant has remarkable anti-inflammatory characteristics and can ease rashes, mouth inflammation, and more.

They regulate the oxygen and heat levels of the environment they are maintained in, and so they are wonderful selections for ecologically conscious plant caregivers.

3. Golden Pothos


5 plants to help keep your home naturally cool in summer
Golden Pothos


According to NASA, money plants are one of the best air-filtering plants. The golden pothos, often known as a money plant, actively clears impurities from the air and is thought to bring riches and luck to its guardians.

Pure air is always cooler air, and money plants do precisely that for you.

4. Areca Palm


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Consider having an Areca palm in your flat if you prefer both towering plants and the benefits they give.

Along with providing a cooling effect, they also eliminate hazardous particles from the air and enhance the air quality.

This easy-to-care-for plant is a popular choice for providing a touch of greenery to hotels, businesses, and public areas.

5. Snake Plant


Snake Plant
Snake Plant


The snake plant is a very common houseplant that helps keep the temperature down. This plant actively improves the oxygen levels of the environment it occupies.

This durable succulent is a fantastic alternative to add to a bedroom or living area. Sometimes the quantity of heat that your house can emit in warm months might be overwhelming, but these inexpensive plants can alleviate your problem in the long term. So, when are you bringing these plants home? Check out Balaji Nursery’s website for unmatchable deals on buying these plants.


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