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Different Types of Official Flowers of 6 Nations Around the World

Different Types of Official Flowers of 6 Nations Around the World

Culturally, diverse things are significant to countries around the world. To make these things essential, different factors play roles, such as religious feelings, beliefs, myths and legends, and regional disparities.

In the same way that particular values carry a specific level of importance to different countries, flowers, and plants also hold distinct values. Whether it’s because of linked tales and myths or because of experience-based beliefs, these are six varieties of flowers that have importance enough to be named the “official flowers” of these nations  ( Different Types of Official Flowers of 6 Nations Around the World )

Different flowers titled “Official Flowers” of these 6 nations


1. Wales – Daffodils



Even if you ask the Welsh how the daffodil got to be their national flower, there would be a lot of uncertainty. However, the daffodil has been their floral symbol since the 16th century or before that.

Daffodils are yellow flowers widely identified by their brilliant, sunny petals. They have a striking hue and stand out amid a sea of blooms. The surge in their reputation in Wales seems to have been owing to their Welsh name, Cenhinen Bedr. This translates to “Peter’s Leek” rather literally.
However, something that may have given them more of an upper hand is that they come into bloom nearly exactly around the Welsh National Day (1st March), also called St. David’s Day. So, every year on St. David’s Day, people around the country dress and adorn locations with this lovely blossom.

2. France – Iris


Different Types of Official Flowers of 6 Nations Around the World


There has been tremendous dispute regarding which type of flower is the national emblem of France—the lily or the iris. However, simply expressed, the answer is Iris.

This flower has symbolized France as one of its national symbols since before the 12th century, when the Royal family used it as their symbolic symbol. This flower and its three leaves are considered to depict a trinity, also standing as symbols for pureness, brightness, solemnity, and freedom.

Louis VII of France also admired the flower Iris the most, meaning he decorated some of his most significant clothing with these blooms. His royal blue robe was embroidered with golden iris, thanks to which, eventually, the flower came to be known as “the flower of Louis.”

3. Italy – White Lily


White Lily
White Lily


The lily, often called fleur-de-lis, is an iconic emblem of Italy. This gorgeous white blossom isn’t simply a symbol in Italy; it is intertwined with the fundamental life of the nation.

It declared the nation’s interest in the arts and also decorated coats of arms throughout the Renaissance period.

The official symbol of Florence happens to be this gorgeous white blossom. It also resonates and represents the country’s essential ideals of spirituality and sincerity.

4. Japan: Sakura


Different Types of Official Flowers of 6 Nations Around the World

The Cherry Blossoms, sometimes called Sakura, beautify the country via its already magnificent locations. These flowers have long been the official flowers of Japan because of the religious beliefs that they connect with. What Buddhism believes in a lot is the transience of life, and Sakura shows precisely that.

With their lovely pink blossoms, the cherry blossoms mark the end of the frigid days of winter and indicate the approach of brighter, warmer spring days.

5. Austria: Edelweiss



If you’ve watched the timeless classic movie “The Sound of Music,”  you must know that the importance and impact of the flower are also reflected in songs and movies. Also known as Leontopodium alpinum, the Edelweiss flower is a rare mountain flower recognized for its gorgeous look and therapeutic properties.

The Edelweiss is a national emblem in Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Romania. It reflects the integrity and purity of the Alpine area, and there have also been legends of the bravery of individuals who went to pluck this white flower since it occurs to bloom in hard-to-reach conditions in mountainous places.

This flower has also been regarded as one of the finest medicines due to its various uses in traditional medicine.

6. Mexico: Dahlia


Different Types of Official Flowers of 6 Nations Around the World

In 1963, the Dahlia was declared the national flower of Mexico. It provides a flash of color to an already rich cultural tapestry. Symbolizing elegance and dignity, dahlias are appreciated for their bright hues and various forms.

Embraced during holidays like Dia de los Muertos, these petals are culturally utilized to commemorate life and death.

Their cheery appearance in gardens and events shows the warmth and beauty embedded in Mexican culture.

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