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Top 10 Plants To Beautify Your Terrace Garden

Top 10 Plants To Beautify Your Terrace Garden

Both city dwellers and country folk are flocking to terrace gardens. The presence of direct sunlight makes the cultivation of any plant feasible. To help you create a terrace garden like this, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most beautiful plants for terraces, along with information on what they need in terms of soil, light, and water.

Top 10 Plants To Beautify Your Terrace Garden


1. Palm Trees


Top 10 Plants To Beautify Your Terrace Garden

Almost every street in warm regions today has an areca palm, a once-endangered species. The towering, striking palms have smooth trunks that mimic the appearance of bamboo bunches, making them look like bamboo.

Although they are commonly seen in homes, many choose to grow them outside in order to have a natural screen.

Planting Soil: This plant calls for slightly acidic soil and a well-drained container.
Light: Because Areca palms’ leaves are susceptible to sunburn in broad sunshine, they do best in somewhat shaded areas.
Water: Whenever the soil begins drying out.

2. Croton Petra


Top 10 Plants To Beautify Your Terrace Garden

Also known as Codieaum variegatum in botanical language, croton petra comes with a burst of colors on green foliage. This bushy plant is distinguished by veins of crimson, lemon, and auburn hues that make it seem alive in a terrace garden.

Soil: The soil must be well-drained and rich in humus.
Light: The plant demands intense sunshine for around 6 hours a day.
Water: The plant requires water once a week. In between the intervals, spray the plant often since it needs humidity for development.

3. Arabian Jasmine


Top 10 Plants To Beautify Your Terrace Garden

Mogra, or Arabian Jasmine, is a small shrub that comes with wavy borders. You may grow this plant, with practically stalk-less leaves, as a short climber in your terrace garden. It has highly perfumed white blooms that occur in clusters of three to twelve.

Soil: properly drained soil with organic stuff like cow dung.
Light: The plant needs full sunshine for healthy growth, although it may also be planted in moderate shade.
Water: The plant is only watered during the flowering season, and the plant is never watered in November since it provides them some time to rest.

4. Ixora plant


Ixora plant

Also known as Ixora coccinea or flame of the woods, these plants come with little blooms that are joined together in a circular configuration. They have a compact form with thick stems that blossom throughout the year.

Soil: The plant loves acidic soil, and if the leaves of the plant are yellow, the fertilizer must have sufficient nitrogen in it.
Light: Ixora flowers best with direct sunshine and partial shade for the majority of the day.
Water: The plant must be watered regularly, and it must be soaked properly once a week (less during the winter).

5. Ficus Microcarpa Plant

Top 10 Plants To Beautify Your Terrace Garden

Ficus microcarpa is a plant that grows 18- inches and spreads 7 inches with its smooth bark, which appears light grayish. Usually, these plants are placed as an attractive addition to a terrace garden to boost its beauty.

Soil: Fertile and well-drained soil for the optimum development of ficus.
Light: The plant must be maintained outdoors or inside under bright sunshine. However, it must be shaded from severe sun rays, as they might harm the leaves.
Water: Water only when the top 2–3 inches of the soil feel dry.

6. Marigold



People love growing marigold in warm climates as the plant thrives with minimal upkeep. The blossoms of these blooming plants are used for adornment.

Soil: The plant prefers moderately rich soil with a pH range of 6.5 to 7.
Light: It must be placed under bright sunlight from direct or indirect exposure.
Water: Soak the soil fully while watering it. Normally, the plant needs to be watered just once a week. During the rainy season, the water from the rainfall is enough for the plants.

7. Hyacinth



In its genuine form, hyacinth blooms with white and other colored flowers like blue and purple to boost the visual attractiveness of any terraced garden. These plants can be used as table flowers or interior plants as well.

Soil: It demands fairly rich and well-drained soil.
Light: Hyacinth requires bright sunshine or mild shade for healthy development.
Water: During the non-rainy seasons, water the plant once every two or three weeks.

8. Bougainvillea



These plants are incredibly easy to handle as they are pest- and disease-free. The plant enriches the charm of any tiered garden with its pleasing look and fragrant aroma.

Soil: well-drained soil with organic content.
Light: direct sunshine for 5 hours every day.
Water: Water the plant sparingly.

9. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Also utilized for therapeutic purposes, aloe vera calms the body and skin well. The plant is pest-resistant, and it flourishes well in various settings—inside or outdoors. These beautiful plants have therapeutic characteristics, and they may be employed in cases of burns, skin illnesses, and injuries.

Soil: Well-drained and sandy pots are suitable for the growth of this plant.
Light: Place it on the south- or west-facing windows to give it the essential indirect, strong light.
Water: Only water is needed when the mud is entirely dry.

10. Syngonium



This semi-tropical plant is ideal for the Indian environment. Also known as the arrowhead vine, this climber can be used as a tabletop plant. subtle green in color, these plants are short and attractive to offer a subtle shade of foliage to a terrace garden.

Soil: Grow this plant in a combination of leaf mold and gritty sand.
Light: Bright light or partial shade is required by this plant.
Water: only when the soil begins drying out.

Caring for terrace garden plants demands time and attention. The plants covered in this article ( Top 10 Plants To Beautify Your Terrace Garden ) vary from minimal to high upkeep. Are you thinking about acquiring a couple of them for your balcony garden? Find the greatest terrace garden plants at Balaji Nursery now.


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